Installing Gatehouse Fencing

Aug 28th

Gatehouse fencing – Since its Gothic mansions to bungalows neat city, ornamental iron fences gives a touch of elegance to the yard. Iron fences are not only ornamental, but practical, since iron is strong and requires little maintenance. Old iron fence style was welded in place, but modern iron fences sold in panels with messages that make it convenient for you to install the fence yourself. Choose a style of fencing that complements your home.

Wood Gatehouse Fencing
Wood Gatehouse Fencing

Gatehouse fencing checks your local zoning ordinances and rules of association homeowner to determine whether it is possible to erect ornamental iron fences. Secure permits required in your area. Check the location of your fence putting stakes in the corners and connecting the stakes with string. Use a plumb line to establish straight to your fence lines. Use the string as a guide to build your fence.

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Gatehouse fencing measures your fence panels and mark the location of each fence post. Depending on the style closely, you may have messages every 8, 10 or 12 feet. Dig holes for fence. You can dig by hand with a post hole digger, but tractor driven auger will make the work go much faster. Set a position in a hole. Mix the concrete mix and water until blended and tamp this mixture into the hole around the post. Slope of the upper concrete away from the post on all sides, so that water does not accumulate around the post. Allow the concrete to cure for 24 hours.