Using Backyard Pavers for Decoration

Sep 7th

Backyard pavers – A backyard landscape can quickly get out of control without the inclusion of roads and edges to keep all vegetation at bay. Cobblestone is useful and affordable products to create beautiful, practical and durable surfaces. Originally designed as thick bricks, hard used for streets, cobblestones today come in many sizes and variety materials, including resin. Cobblestones are generally soft-set. Excavate the area where the pavers will be located at the depth of a paver plus one inch. Fill the depression with an inch of sand in each paver and sweeping sand more about the structure to fill the cracks. Spray the cobblestones with water so do not change. It will be set securely but not permanently; you can leverage if you want to move to another area at a later time. Pavers are sold in packs or unique pieces, which makes it easy to create your own pattern.

Square backyard pavers
Square backyard pavers

Size brick pavers, usually measuring four by eight inches, are ideal to define the edge of a vegetable garden or flowers. Since that sit flush with the ground, they are easy to cut up. Many of these small paving stones are carved with a simple pattern that makes a striking statement when worn on the edge of a road or driveway. Creating a courtyard is quick and easy using cobblestones. Fell stone, marble pavers, concrete or high density resin as large as 16 by 16 inches are light enough for most people move and manipulate, unlike backyard pavers. The soft-set installation method, the yard can be moved later if you change a landscape plan and are robust enough to support the weight of tables, chairs, grills and people.
Backyard pavers are an excellent choice around the pool or hot tub as an alternative to wood. They are durable and non-slip even when wet. Bolo marble, stone or brick pavers-looking resin can provide a sleeker look than wood. Cobblestone are constant in size and depth and usually only an inch thick, which makes installation hassle, even if it must be cut to a curved edge. Many of the qualities that make well for the edges of cobblestones also apply to use as walkways across the landscape. Unlike gravel or mulch, it can be cut more. The variety of colors and patterns pavers is also a benefit. They can provide contrast to a garden of colorful flowers or add a strip of color between green hosts plantations.

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